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Martin Chuck Demonstrates Triangulation

The CUBE's Caddy Mode Triangulation feature is a powerful tool that provides an unlimited amount of opportunities for golfers to strategize their game play. Martin Chuck, Golf Digest's #7 ranked "50 Best Teachers in America" explains just how easy it is to use CaddyTalk CUBE's Triangulation feature.


What is Triangulation?

Triangulation is a method that determines distance by pinning one target from another using a third standing point. Users can pin their distance at their golf cart, pin their playing partner's distance, detect hazard distances, and more with Caddy Mode.

The CUBE's other top features, M-Slope and E-Slope can also be paired with Caddy Mode to provide the most accurate readings. 

The M-Slope feature was calibrated using the statistics of the average golf player who hits between 155-160 yards with a 7 iron to enable the best accurate reading for most golf players. Most rangefinders on the market are designed off of the performance of the average TOUR player who hits between 175-180 yards with a 7 iron.

E-Slope takes the features of M-Slope and takes a step further by calculating environmental factors like temperature, altitude, and humidity. By incorporating these elements, E-Slope's readings provide the best accuracy as environmental factors can play a heavy role in club decision making. 

Speed up your pace of play and enhance your overall golf experience with the CUBE's Caddy Mode feature.


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