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Caddy mode

Triangulates the distance between the ball (or 1st point) and target from a different standing point. It can give you yardages that no other yardage device can give you whether using a laser or GPS.


Designed for the average golfer, it uses a patented ballistics technology with precise accuracy, calculating launch angle of a stroke and height. Other competitor’s ballistics are limited by only accounting the launch angle, lacking accuracy and precision.


Recommends distance by reflecting temperature, altitude, and humidity for the most accurate measurement.


HD [Horizon Detect] Laser System

The first HD laser technology with FPGA Chipsets system that quickly and accurately measures the target without any shaking.

Super Pin Finder

Displays only the distance to the nearest target of the scanned point when scanning the viewfinder left and right.

Side LCD Display

Indicates slope, distance of last shot, and Caddy Mode.

2 Color OLED

Two-color OLED for night golf.

Built-In 700mAh Rechargeable Battery

The Built in USB-C charging enables the CUBE to perform long lasting on the course with ~10,000 times actuations.

Super Clear 6X Zoom Lense

6X optical clear screen that has a range of 5 to 1,100 yards.

IP55 Water Resistant Design

All weather-resistant (i..e. snow, rain, pollution (wind-debris)).


A vibration alert notifies the user when detecting measurement of the target is completed.


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