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Based on 421 reviews
Love my Cube. Perfect upgrade.

2 rounds down and all compliments so far. Easy to use. Caddy Mode accuracy verified multiple times. eSlope taking a bit of time to learn to trust it. Upgraded from an original Pinseeker 1500 I have been using for almost 15 years.

Great Tech!

The Cube is amazing. Super accurate, lightweight and easy to use. Caddy mode is awesome

Props to the designer

I keep seeing this range finder online. I’m not in the market for one at the moment however as an avid golfer and a product designer I just wanted to go out of my way to compliment the design of this bad boy. It really looks cool. I like the choice made to get away from all the rounded ones that are on the market and go with this cubic look. Compliments to the chef and all that. 👌🏼

The best range finder without a doubt

Played two rounds so far and absolutely love this thing. I mostly play courses that are not walkable, so caddy mode makes things so much easier and faster play since I can figure out distances while waiting for the cart partner to hit their shot. I even use it on the green to get my first putt distance. If it’s a far walk to the tee from the cart, this is much better than walking out to the tee and then walking back to get the right club or take a bunch of clubs with me.

Excited to gift this to my husband!

I am not a golfer so I made sure to do my due diligence when researching a range finder for my husbands birthday. Numerous reviews online of the Cube have me convinced that this will surely catch my husband by surprise when he opens it. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of it after he golfs in his birthday on Friday!

The best

Small compact and accurate. Currently looking for a magnetic strap that will fit. Being so compact, most straps cover the active button.

Product/customer service

Product works as expected! Caddy mode is super helpful and distances are very accurate. Customer service was excellent, I had a small problem with the case and they sent a new one within 48 hours.

Good investment

Range finder is everything I thought it would be. However, the optics are even better than expected.

I love my minion!!!!

Awesome rangefinder. Compact and quick! All of my buddies love it and they have the “big name” brand rangefinder.

Amazing Little Device!

Caddy mode on the Cube is accurate and saves so much time on cart path only days. This small, easy to carry device packs a punch!

The best range finder

Many friends recommended Bush****, but I wanted the new technologies applied to cube. So far, I really like it and its size is very optimal for who don't like heavy range finders.

Awesome size and color for my wife and it works great. Extremely good purchase

Coolest Range Finder Ever

I was a little skeptical about this rangefinder at first. Before I bought it I watched countless reviews and consulted My Golf Spy. Decided to take the plunge and could not be happier. The rangefinder is accurate while giving a quick read. I am yet to use the M-slope mode and have only used the E-slope mode so far. Still a little curious how this rangefinder accounts for humidity and temperature in E-slope mode?! Is there a certain sensor on the rangefinder I can’t see? Nonetheless, the caddy mode is the coolest feature and really speeds up pace of play. My golf buddies jaws dropped when I was telling them their yardage from over 50 yards away from their ball. They even had to confirm their yardages for themselves because they didn’t believe me at first. Even in caddy mode the reading was +/- a yard different from my playing partners (they used a blue tees and a pinned golf range finder for reference). With that being said, the rangefinder is worth the price tag. A compact and unique looking piece of tech that packs a punch.

Great compact range finder

Great compact range finder with excellent features. Premium feel!

Minion Rangefinder

Perfect size to slip in the pocket and forget it’s even there! The belt clip case is also a nice addition and would love to see a magnetic case be produced to be able to stick on the side of the cart! Enjoying the convenience and accuracy of my new range finder!


Good rangefinder work Great

Very Nice Technology!

I have owned a few Rangefinders in the past few years, due to me losing keep on losing them, so I have had the pleasure to try out a lot of products. I was in the market for a new rangefinder and I ended up purchasing the CUBE because of "Caddy Mode", which no other rangefinder has. The mode works great and it is very useful for "cart path only" or hilly courses where you can't see the flag from your ball.


Tested caddy mode at my local range and golf course. The cube was spot on, either at the posted yardage or 1 yard different. Never had any error worse than 1 yard. Caddy mode is the same ways will save time walking back and forth from the cart. Highly recommend.

Must Have - Caddy Talk Minion

This golf range finder is a game-changer! Its small and compact design makes it easy to carry around the course. The visuals are incredibly clear, making it a breeze to lock onto targets quickly. What really sets it apart is its lightning-fast read and feedback, giving you the information you need in no time. It's definitely a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their game!

Works well

Clear and easy to see display. Triangulation is very helpful. Love the size - actually forgot I had it in my pocket.

this thing is niccccce

hate car path only but only because I dont know the distance - solved and this thing is lightweight can stay in your pocket no problem - I just shot my lowest round of 84 - previous was 89 for par 72 and realized that my phone brought lots of distractions and wanted to really unplug so I looked around and everyone said this was the best range finder - I still didnt believe and then played a round and this guy was using it - raved about it and said he got rid of his buschnell. this thing is sick

This thing is Awesome!!!

This is one of the most well thought out range finders on the market. The "Caddie" mode is spot on and the compact size is great. The only thing lacking is a magnet, but hopefully an aftermarket magnetic case will become available. The triangulation takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you get that all squared away, this thing is the bomb. It is replacing a Voice Caddie SL2. Half the size, much easier to operate. I never used the GPS function of the SL2, so nothing lost there. Battery life is very good and I like the re-chargable batteries. I look forward to many years with the CUBE!

Great device! Triangulation is a must have in golf!

Overall, the device is great and sleek..

Yardages are accurate. Needs a magnet


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