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Based on 479 reviews
Best thing ever!

With winter hitting us, cart path only days are inevitable.. but with this amazing little range finder, I don’t have to walk all the way out to my ball with 4 different clubs, only to see a line that I’ll need to go back and get a different club for. This thing is great!

Amazing in every way

This blows away my Bushnell v4. Love the caddy mode feature. Great compact size and it being rechargeable is a game changer!

Best in the Bizz

This finder is so high tech it’s amazing! Huge viewfinder for ease of shooting pin or goofball. Caddie mode is a must for cart path only days! And slope mode works perfectly as well! Must have for golf fanatic.

Great Product

The caddy mode is a game changer if you play a course that has many days of Cart Path Only. It is a little off on yardage compared to my bushnell but not sure which on is off.
Great product would recommend to all!

Great Value

Does everything a Bushnell does, and more with Caddy mode, but costs less.

CUBE Rangefinder

Really cool Rangefinder. Caddy mode works great and I love being able to leave the rangefinder in the cart and select a club to walk to my ball (also keeps me from forgetting the rangefinder on the ground when I hit). E mode is great too playing at high elevations out west.
I also love it's compact size. Some might find that less ergonomic but I like how little space it takes up in my bag

Replaced a Bushnell V4 and haven't looked back! Love the ability to get atmospheric adjusted distances. I frequently travel and play between Las Vegas and Denver and this is a game changer for accurate distance at any elevation. The caddy mode is a nice feature for layups and getting my distance while waiting for playing partner to hit without interfering with their shot.

Nice rangefinder

I have enjoyed the Cube in the short period that I have owned it. I am a professional caddie at a private club. So it will get used ALOT. We are in tournament season. Which puts us in a cart path only situation a lot. The Caddy Mode comes in handy on a daily basis. It cuts my trips from the cart, to the ball, back to the cart, and finally back to the ball with clubs. Thank you Cube

Love at first use

Absolutely blown away with the technology. I play in varying climates and most courses have shots with significant slope adjustments. I never knew my old range finder was so far off until I got the cube!

The Perfect Golf Range finder

The feature being able to shoot the ball from cart then target is a game changer and it speeds up the round and with all the other features well I need not say more


This cute looking Cube is the best rangefinder in the world! I bought two of them, one for me and one for my brother about six months ago. We both agree that nothing can beat the performance fo this unit.

1. It's so small
2. Great design,
3. Great looking
4. Ergonomic - fits perfectly in my palm
5. Very accurate
6. Very quick
7. Internal battery lasts for a long time - I only charted once in the beginning about 6 months ago.

I have been telling about this rangefinder, and all my friends are buying it. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it.

I am so happy. The only issue I have is that their customer support call center does not respond although leaving messages to call back. However, the email response they provide is really great.

I hightly recommend for anyone who is looking for new rangefinder.

Small and accurate

Caddy talk is tiny and light weight !

pretty neat functions

lots of cart path days on my course this time of year. it will be amazingly useful in guiding to choose the proper clubs.

Great Product.

Very accurate and quick to give a number. Love the small compact size as well.

Thumbs up!

Real excited to get my hands on this rangefinder. The caddy mode works amazing well. So far no complaints with the CaddyTalk Cube.


Cool design and more accurate than my other rangefinder by a competitor. I really like the Caddy Mode. Triangulation is slick!


Just received mine and went straight to the range to try caddy mode. Super accurate. I go on a lot of destination golf trips such as Big Cedar Lodge. Mid west rains kept us on the cart path only and Caddy Mode would have been huge to keep me from walking with 5 clubs from the cart for each shot.

I have big hands and was worried about its small form factor but I’m having no issues so far

Cube Range Finder

This thing is awesome! Small form factor, accurate distance and it’s rechargeable with type-C USB!

Lightest and best range finder

I just bought the Caddy Talk Cube. I was amazed how small and light it is! Very easy to use. The triangulation feature is time saving. Most of the times, the push cart or power cart is not that close to the par 3 tee box. With triangulation, I can shoot the tee box, then shoot the flag and get an exact yardage. I then can just bring one club to the tee box and not forget any clubs at the tee box! Lol. Very happy with the Cube!

The Best Range Finder

You don’t need to think twice, you hardly need to think once if you know about this range finder. It’s a great size that comfortably fits in my pocket. I teach golf and run a Jr Golf Academy and when I am on the course with kids I am able to use caddy mode and give them all numbers to the hole with ease. I am going to continue to find ways to utilize this awesome range finder and will be recommending it to everyone I know. Would love to partner with this company !!

Very nice

Good hand feel and usability

Best RangeFinder I’ve used

I have played two rounds with the new cube and it has proven to be the best I have used to this point.

Excellent and quick rangefinder

Got my cube in Thursday and used it today on a course that has many elevation changes. Caddy talk has done an excellent job with The Cube. It is fast and accurate. The optic display is very clear. Tested the accuracy vs SkyCaddie and course yardage markers. The Cube was spot on. Much better than the so called best range finder on tour at $600. The Cube has it beat in technology and price.

Small and Light but packed with innovative features

I love carrying this in my pocket for 18 holes since it’s so light. So easy just to pull it out whenever I need a yardage!


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