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Based on 263 reviews
Great little device

Caddy mode is really cool looking forward to years of use


Have used the Cube for the last month or so and it is awesome! I had the Bushnell XE and was so big and bulky. This is small, light and easy to carry in the bag or in the back pocket when needed. Yardages are spot on and the smart distance features are great. Only wish this had a magnetic option for a cart but fits in the cup holder without any issue.


So far I'm pleased with my Cube. Love the crystal clear display and the caddy mode feature. My only criticism is that the side LED display is a bit small to read for my old eyes. Perhaps this could be enlarged in future models. One further suggestion for future improvement would be for it to retain the last reading on the LED display to avoid scoping again.


I have used a few rangefinders, but this is by far the best one that I’ve owned. It is crystal clear and so easy to use. I would easily purchase this as a gift for someone.

This is absolutely amazing and accurate. I think I have talked a few buddies into getting this!

Great product

Easy to use and pretty accurate. Caddy mode is amazing!

Nice rangefinder

Very good product I recommend.
Simple and smart!!!

Caddytalk Cube

This scope out performs anything out in the market. The fast response and clear screen are one of my favorite features, small, rechargeable and that caddy mode. This scope is my new golf product.

Great Device

Have played about 10 rounds with the new Cube. It is very, very nice. Display is very bright and the battery life is fantastic. I have used the Caddie feature a few time and it comes in handy while you are waiting on others to hit......I do feel that it is a few yards off from just shooting the flag right from you ball but so far it hasn't changed a club for me because of it. Great Device.

Caddytalk cube

What an accurate and easy to use product! Bright views and one touch distance, small and compact. Great job!

Best Rangefinder!

Very accurate & easy to use. Optics very clear and pin finder worked quickly. Easy to understand info on screen.


Finally it seems like someone listened to golfers. The Caddy function alone was enough for me, but the side display and overall size just make this the best golf rangefinder I've used. If you can ever add image stabilization, it would be perfect.

Great range finder

Optics are very clear.
Size is smaller than I expected but feels great in the hand.
Accurate readings and the triangulation is game changing. Best feature by far.
Price for the features offered is reasonable.

Would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking for a full featured range finder.

Great Rangefinder

This cube is brilliant. The caddy mode makes playing a round with a buddy much more efficient. I love the sleek nature of the cube. Highly recommend

Great little device

This thing is the perfect size and does exactly what it’s says. Have several holes that are CP only and this was a gem. Also allowed me to get my distance while my playing partners were in the woods looking for their ball.

Cube Rangefinder

Upon opening the box, I found the device smaller than expected. It was also found to be very light in weight, but built solid. The Caddy Mode works great and is very accurate. The crosshairs settings are set to high, in my opinion, too bright. I’m glad I purchased this.

Awesome rangefinder

One of the best rangefinders I have owned! I was skeptical about the triangulation feature when I ordered it but it works perfect! Great job!!

Love The Cube!

What a great uniform my old range finder. The Caddy Mode is a game changer and really is quick. So glad I made the change to The Cube

Best range finder ever

This thing is next level. Had 2 Bushnell scopes that done compare. Caddy mode saves you time and you will never lose your equipment.


The Caddy Mode feature is great! Slope calculation is accurate, as is ‘normal’ mode. Performs as well as my friend’s Bushnell at half the price!

So glad I lost my last rangefinder!

I had the latest and greatest Bushnell and lost it at the course I belong to. People not doing the right thing and returning what doesn’t belong to them drives me insane. But I’m glad it happened because it got me to try something different. The caddy mode is amazing! The view is so crisp and it locks on to the target so fast.


Exactly as described. Fantastic design. Go get one.

This thing rocks

This thing is awesome. Works fantastic and as described.


I just received my Cube. I haven’t used it for an actual round of golf yet but I did test it out in my back yard. View is clear and vibrant, distances are accurate, and cube is conveniently compact. It’s evident it’s made of good quality material and should last a long time! Very pleased with my purchase this far. Tomorrows round will be the true test!


Love the caddy mode and triangulation. Now only am I shooting my golf balls and the rest in my group.


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