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In the realm of rangefinders, precision reigns supreme, and the CaddyTalk CUBE exceeds expectations. Harnessing advanced triangulation technology, its innovative Caddy Mode empowers golfers to measure the distance between two points from diverse standing positions. This capability ensures accurate distance readings from every corner of the course, providing a definitive edge in your gameplay.

Moreover, the CaddyTalk CUBE Golf Rangefinder is synonymous with swiftness. With a mere press of a button, it swiftly delivers the distance to your target within moments. Bid farewell to the agonizing waits for sluggish measurements and welcome a golfing experience characterized by efficiency and enjoyment.

Martin Chuck, a distinguished figure in the golfing world and ranked #7 in Golf Digest's "50 Best Teachers in America," underscores the transformative impact of the CUBE. According to Chuck, its revolutionary "triangulation" feature and precise "plays like" measurements not only streamline your game but also save you valuable time, effort, and strokes by guiding you away from pitfalls and positioning your approach shots closer to the hole.

Start Playing Golf Smarter With The Award-Winning CUBE

The CaddyTalk CUBE Golf Rangefinder stands at the forefront of golfing technology, meticulously crafted to deliver precise distance measurements on the course. It supersedes age-old methods of distance estimation, like relying on yardage markers or guesswork. Armed with the CaddyTalk CUBE, golfers gain immediate access to pinpoint accuracy, empowering them to make strategic decisions and enhance their gameplay.

Loved by the Press

"The CUBE's cool, "triangulation" feature and accurate "plays like" measurements can save you a ton of walking, a ton of time, AND a ton of strokes by keeping you out of trouble and getting your approach shots closer to the hole."

A supremely accurate rangefinder that provides genuine wow factor with its unique styling and cutting-edge features. There’s nothing else like it, you’ll be blown away by the experience.”

The CUBE does something no other rangefinders do. It's not a gimmick, you'll find the extra features useful and time saving.

This rangefinder offers something very unique to the category, featuring technology that solves common problems golfers face while being incredibly accurate in the process.

1. Caddy mode

Caddy Mode is a groundbreaking technology that changes the game in distance measurement by calculating from a unique point, unlike standard laser or GPS rangefinders. With Caddy Mode, you can bid farewell to incline inaccuracies. It guarantees precise distance calculation, particularly on courses with elevation changes, giving you a competitive edge. This feature not only delivers accurate distances but also offers additional insights like terrain angle and slope. These insights help you choose the right club for better on-course performance. Elevate your game with the essential precision of Caddy Mode.

2. M-Slope

M-Slope (Magic Slope): Designed to consider both elevation and ball trajectory, this feature offers personalized distance measurements to meet individual preferences. Developed through insights derived from amateur tour players, M-Slope ensures more accurate guidance tailored for the average golfer's needs.

3. E-Slope

E-Slope (Environmental Slope): The CaddyTalk CUBE incorporates environmental factors like temperature, altitude, and humidity to ensure precise results and recommendations. Additionally, it integrates Magic Slope technology, bolstering its accuracy and dependability.

4. HD (Horizon Detect) Laser System

With a cutting-edge FPGA chipset, the CaddyTalk CUBE boasts the world's sole horizontal laser system. This pioneering technology ensures the target aligns precisely within the viewfinder's Aiming Circle, delivering unparalleled accuracy in measurements.


Don't allow rain to disrupt your golf game. The CaddyTalk CUBE's IP55 water-resistant feature shields it from water and dust, guaranteeing durability even in adverse weather conditions.

6. Cart Path Only

On cart path only days, the CUBE's Caddy Mode feature allows golfers to calculate distances without the need to get out of one's cart.

7. Saves Time

"I recently purchased the Cube Rangefinder and there is a lot of talk about the Caddymode. And I’ll be the first to say, it’s not only about know the distance between the two points but it’s also about how much is speeds up the decision making. While you are waiting for your buddies who are 30 yards behind you, you can shoot your ball, than the pin. By the time it’s your turn. You got your number, your club and you’re ready to go... Well worth the investment!" - E.M. (Verified Buyer)

8. Saves Strokes

"I have used both a hand-held and a watch style GPS for years. After reading about The Cube, I reluctantly decided to buy one. It has been much better than expected. In fact, it is proving to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in fine-tuning my game. I have used on three frequently played courses and improved my best scores by 5, 3, and 6 strokes respectively first time out - not bad for just starting to use it. Much more accurate readings than with my other GPS tools. The triangulation feature is awesome. One of the courses I used it on was cart path only. What a tremendous help. I highly recommend." - J.H. (Verified Buyer)

9. Measures Between Hazards

The CaddyTalk CUBE offers golfers strategic advantages, including measuring hazard distances accurately. With it, golfers can assess distances to bunkers, water bodies, and obstacles, aiding shot planning. This precision enhances decision-making, minimizes risks, and boosts overall performance, empowering golfers to approach each hole confidently.

10. Measures Distance For Steep Hills

Another strategy golfers use the CUBE for is measuring hill distances. Whether the ball is facing downhill, or if the flag is out of site behind a hill, the CUBE can help solve many scenarios.

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Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
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Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
Zoom CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder
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With its retro-inspired design, CUBE rangefinder features 1st-to-market technology with Caddy Mode. Our Caddy Mode feature integrates Triangulation Technology that allows golfers to obtain distance between two points from a different standing point.

Approved for tournament play: Permitted under the Rules of Golf when the M-Slope and E-Slope modes are turned off and Model Local Rule G-5, prohibiting the use of distance-measuring devices, is not in effect.




  • Purpose: Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • Range: 5-1,000 M / 5-1,100 Yd
  • Unit: Meter / Yard
  • Lens: Superclear 6X Zoom
  • Size: 89 x 54 x 28 (mm)
  • Weight: 140g
  • Functions: Caddy Mode, M-Slope, E-Slope, Side LCD Display, 2 Color OLED, HD Laser System, Super Pin Finder, Jolt, IP55 Water Resistant
  • Battery Type: 700mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Included: CUBE Laser Rangefinder, Case, Manual, USB cable, Lens cloth


  • First-Ever Triangulation Technology

  • Pin the ball (or 1st point) and the flag (2nd point) from a different standing point (3rd point).


  • Provides the distance measurement that reflects height and ball trajectory

  • Developed from data of amateur tour players to provide more accurate recommended distance for the average golf player.


  • 100% accurate results & recommendations taking into consideration the environmental conditions such as temperature, altitude, and humidity

  • Also integrates M-Slope in E-Slope mode.


  • Introducing the state-of-the-art FPGA chipset that has upgraded to the world's only horizontal laser system

  • This new horizontal laser feature allows the target to enter the Aiming Circle of the viewfinder with the most accurate measurements


  • USB-C port and cable for convenient recharging

  • Full charge allows up to approx. 10,000 actuations.

  • IP55 Water Resistance protects laser from water and dust

  • Includes CUBE hard case

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"Don't let its small size and simple shape fool you. The CUBE does things no other rangefinder can do...things that can save you a BUNCH of strokes and time."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Martin Chuck
Golf Digest "50 Best Teachers in America"

"A supremely accurate rangefinder that provides genuine WOW factor with its unique styling and cutting-edge features. There’s nothing else like it, you’ll be blown away by the experience."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Joel Tadman
Golf Monthly

"After using both hand-held and watch-style GPS for years, I finally tried The CUBE. It exceeded my expectations and has become one of my best decisions for improving my game. I've already seen significant score improvements of 5, 3, and 6 strokes on three familiar courses. Its accuracy surpasses my previous GPS tools, and the triangulation feature is fantastic. Highly recommended!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Jim H.

"I love the CUBE rangefinder for its sleek industrial design and convenient side LCD display. The display indicates your mode and instantly shows the distance upon shooting. Customize it with a silicone cover in various colors for a tackier grip."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Iris W.


How Does The CUBE Help Me Play BETTER Golf?

The CUBE's "Magic Slope" mode, for example, will give you more accurate "plays like" distances on uphill and downhill shots so you know the right club to use.  Likewise, the Cube's "E-Slope" mode gives you accurate "plays like" distances based on "environmental" factors (such as altitude, temperature and humidity).

How Does The CUBE Help Me Play FASTER Golf?

"Caddy Mode" removes the need to be standing at your ball to determine your shot distance. This means you can determine your shot distance BEFORE arriving at your ball. For example, from the cart path, you can shoot your ball, shoot your target, and your Cube will tell you your shot distance. No more walking back and forth on those cart-path-only days.

Is the Cube Legal for Tournament Play?

Yes, as long as E-Slope and M-Slope modes are turned off and as long as any local rules prohibiting the use of distance-measuring devices are not in effect.

Does the CaddyTalk CUBE come with a case and other accessories?

Yes, the CaddyTalk CUBE Golf Rangefinder comes complete with a hard case, a user manual for guidance, a USB cable for convenient recharging, and a lens cloth to maintain your lens in pristine condition.

How Do I Recharge the Cube?

The same way you recharge your smartphone. It is recommended to use the USB-C cable that comes with the Cube and a 5V, 2A charging block.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! If you don't love your CaddyTalk Cube and Bonus Silicone Case, simply send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.


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