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Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)
Zoom CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)

CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)


Minimi NR is the world's smallest, ultra-light laser golf rangefinder that will accompany you with every swing. With its convenient refined design usability, this World Top 3 Design award-winning device fits right in your pockets and adds a trendy sense of style. Also available in rich black.

Approved for tournament play: Permitted under the Rules of Golf when the E-Slope and M-Slope modes are turned off and Model Local Rule G-5, prohibiting the use of distance-measuring devices, is not in effect.




Purpose Golf Laser Rangefinder
Range 10-1,000 M / 10-1,100 Yd
Unit Meter / Yard
Lens Superclear 6X Zoom
Size 92 x 58 x 31 (mm)
Weight  135g (Including battery)
Functions Magic Slope, E-Slope, HD Laser System, Pin Finder, Jolt
Battery Type Built-in 700mAh Rechargeable Battery

Laser, Case, Manual, USB cable, Lens cloth



  • Provides the distance measurement that reflects height and ball trajectory
  • Developed from data of amateur tour players to provide more accurate recommended distance for the average golf player.


  • 100% accurate results & recommendations taking into consideration the environmental conditions such as temperature, altitude, and humidity
  • Also integrates magic slope in E-slope mode.


  • Introducing the state-of-the-art FPGA chipset that has upgraded to the world's only horizontal laser system
  • This new horizontal laser feature allows the target to enter the Aiming Circle of the viewfinder with the most accurate measurements


  • USB-C port and cable for convenient recharging
  • Full charge allows up to approx. 8,000 actuations.
  • Water Resistant
  • Includes Minimi NR hard case

      CaddyTalk Minimi NR (Pure White)


      I love using the E-slope. It's actually been a more accurate distance read than other rangefinders I've used. The minimi is super easy to use and easy to grip. It’s small enough to store in my pocket while on the course. The material is really soft and clean.

      - Korey K.

      The Minimi charges in 10 minutes. I was able to charge it in the car whilst driving to the Golf course. Each charge lasts 2 rounds. Very easy, no inconvenience at all.

      - Stuart L.

      After using it myself, I can see why my friends recommended it to me. It fits in one hand and functions to operate easily. It’s perfect for a golf hobbyist. If I play 5-7 rounds a month, I average about 80 strokes. After using it for a while, I am very satisfied.

      - Stacey D.

      Love how easy and light this is to carry around. I have small hands and I can still have a comfortable grip around the device. The pinning feature is quick and easy so I don't have to worry about stabilizing aim to the target. Definitely worth a try.

      - Kristy K.

      This compact rangefinder prioritizes accuracy and versatility but not at the expense of a seamless user experience. The premium look and feel enhances the appeal, along with the magnetic carry case and LED Slope indicator.

      -Joel T.

      Im a caddy, but I used this after using another rangefinder and the difference was so great that I was so excited to use it on the course. I like this one the best.

      - Sam N.

      Every time we go to the field, it’s annoying to ask the caddy for the distance each time. I bought the minimi and it has made golfing so much easier.

      - James W.

      Love that the minimi is accurate. I'm surprised how light it is! The grip padding helps so it doesn't slip out of your hand.

      - Michelle L.

      The minimi’s accuracy is high! When I compared to an acquantance’s wristwatch, their’s wasn’t even close.

      - Suni B.

      Shipped on time and rangefinder is as advertised.

      - Michael S.


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